Alexander Groh (groh(at)

MSc. Katharina Ziegler (katharina.ziegler(at)

MSc. Ross Folkard (PhD student) (folkard(at)

MSc. Kevin Gauss (Associated Project student) (gv264(at)

MSc. Antonio Gonzales (PhD student) (antonio.gonzalez(at)

Jan Burghardt (jan.burghardt(at)



Neurodata Without Borders seed-funding grant from the Kavli Institute


New Collaborations:

New collaboration with Nurcan Ueceyler (Project A10) via the Associated Project.

New collaboration with Amit Agarwal (Project A09).

Competitive call for collaboration with the Scientific Software Center:

Alex Groh joined IWR’s MathComp graduate program as an associated researcher.

Alex Groh joined Research Training Group Big Data Research in the Biosciences as PI.