Clara Hans, BSc, Master`s Student (clara.hans(at)

Laura Finke, Bachelor`s student (laura.finke(at)

Johann Elias Hähnel, Medical doctoral student (Haehnel_j(at)

Dr. med. Florian Hessenauer, Assistant Physician (Hessenauer_F(at)

Alexandra Klein, BSc (Master`s student and SFB1158 Junior Career Research Stipend recipient) (Klein_A6(at)

Katharina Klug, MSc (PhD candidate) (Klug_K1(at)

Aljosha Lang, Medical doctoral student (Lang_a7(at)

Christopher Nauroth (SFB1158 Junior Career Research Stipend recipient) (christopher.nauroth(at)

Catharina Pfister, Medical doctoral student (Pfister_c(at)

Magnus Schindehuette (SFB1158 Young Scientist Seed Grant recipient) (Schindehue_M(at)

Marlene Spitzel, MSc (PhD candidate) (Spitzel_M(at)

Laura Wagenhäuser, Medical doctoral student (Wagenhaeus_l(at)

Elise Wagner, Medical doctoral student (Wagner_E4(at)


Awards and Public Outreach

Prof. Dr. Nurcan Üçeyler was Chair of the Interdisciplinary S1 Guideline Committee (S1 Leitlinie) of the German Society of Neurology on Fabry disease: DGN One | Leitlinie

Prof. Dr. Claudia Sommer is listed in in the 2022 Best Female Scientist ranking in Germany and world-wide. (Press release)

Prof. Dr. Claudia Sommer handed over the IASP Presidency to Catherine Bushnell in September 2022.

Prof. Dr. Nurcan Üçeyler is one of the Congress Presidents of the Deutsche Schmerzkongress 2021:

Dr. Christoph Erbacher from Prof. Dr. Üçeyler’s lab has received the 2022 “Förderpreis für Schmerzforschung” for the paper cited below. Dr. Erbacher received the first prize in the category “Basic Science”: Erbacher C, Vaknine S, Moshitzky G, Lobentanzer S, Eisenberg L, Evdokimov D, Sommer C, Greenberg DS, Soreq H, Üçeyler N. Distinct CholinomiR Blood Cell Signature as a Potential Modulator of the Cholinergic System in Women with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Cells. 2022 Apr 9;11(8):1276. doi: 10.3390/cells11081276. PMID: 35455956. 

Dr. Karl-Schöller and Dr. Kreß from Prof. Dr. Üçeyler’s lab have received this year`s “Förderpreis für Schmerzforschung” for the paper cited below. They received the second prize in the category “Basic Science”: Kreß L, Hofmann L, Klein T, Klug K, Saffer N, Spitzel M, Bär F, Sommer C, Karl F, Üçeyler N. Differential impact of keratinocytes and fibroblasts on nociceptor degeneration and sensitization in small fiber neuropathy. Pain. 2021 Apr 1;162(4):1262-1272.

Katharina Klug, MSc., from Prof. Dr. Üçeyler’s lab received the “Vortragspreis der Deutschen Schmerzgesellschaft” at the Top Young Science Symposium at site. Her talk covered preliminary data she has generated in Project A10.

For the “Präsidentensymposium”, a podium discussion on the topic “Wie werden wir jünger” focussed on how to increase the numbers of young clinicians and scientists in the pain field. Martin Schmelz (co-PI of Project A01) was one of nine colleagues in the discussion. A Graphic Recorder (Kathe Büttner) was on stage and produced the following cartoons from the discussion: