The German chapter of IASP (Deutsche Schmerzgesellschaft) is currently working on its first “research agenda”. To that purpose, the chapter has initiated a series of annual convents (“Wissenschaftstage”) in 2015 ( The crucial role of SFB 1158 is recognized in the summary of the first Wissenschaftstag ( ) and three PIs of the SFB (Herta Flor, Rolf-Detlef Treede and Martin Schmelz) were responsible for the input concerning basic pain research, international affairs and mechanism-focused psychological approaches. Moreover, Herta Flor explicitly presented the concept of the SFB 1158 in this first meeting (2015). The follow-up meeting (2. Forschungstag, June 2016) was held in conjunction with the “Junior academy” in a very successful format allowing for interaction between established pain researchers and young scientists. Again, PIs of SFB 1158 were instrumental to drive the concept of the research agenda and contributed with the data and experience generated within SFB 1158.


  • Preparatory Retreat

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  • Upcoming ICD-11 Classification of Chronic Pain

    The upcoming ICD-11 Classification of Chronic Pain is featured in Pain Research Forum

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  • Annual International Research Symposium 2018

    Annual International Research Symposium 2018

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  • PHOENIX Science Award 2018

    Rohini Kuner honoured with Phoenix Science Award

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  • Young scientists honoured at Pain Congress

    At the German Pain Congress (Deutscher Schmerzkongress), SFB Scientist  Linette Tan (B01) was honored with this year's prize for basic science. Other scientists working in the Heidelberg Pain Consortium also received prizes.

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