Dorsal root ganglion function in human neuropathic pain
  • Analysis of presence, quality and intensity of pain with in-vivo functional imaging markers of DRG perfusion and permeability in the painful and inflammatory radiculopathies 

  • MRI imaging in patients with spinal cord injury 

Dorsal root ganglion function in human neuropathic pain
  • Human stem cell-derived nociceptors and mechanoceptors

  • Co-cultures with keratinocytes and other cells to study cell-cell interactions

  • Testing potential novel therapies on human neurons

BDNF as target for chronic pain treatment: When and where?
  • Specific contribution of BDNF from primary afferents and glia

  • Dissection of spinal circuits in mice, molecular analyses


  • EMBL Science and Society Talk

    Why time does not heal all wounds: Chronic Pain

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  • Rohini Kuner to be awarded Feldberg Prize

    Each year a German and a British scientist are chosen to receive the Feldberg prize in recognition of their efforts in promoting Anglo-German scientific exchange.


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  • Herta Flor honored with John D. Loeser Award

    The IASP honored Herta Flors achievements in the pain field ....


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  • The Heidelberg Pain Consortium at the World Congress on Pain 2016

    The Heidelberg Pain Consortium presented its current research in Yokohama.

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  • Allan Basbaum, Irene Tracey and Tor Wager to visit SFB1158

    The Heidelberg Pain Consortium is delighted about the upcoming visit from these distinguished scientists in the framework of the upcoming Annual International Pain Symposium

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