Events Calendar

SFB 1158 Preparatory Symposiums, 2 and 3 February
From Thursday 02 February 2023 -  09:00
To Friday 03 February 2023 - 18:00

The SFB 1158 Preparatory Symposiums will be held on February 2nd (09:00-14:00) and February 3rd (13:00-18:00), 2023 in Heidelberg. 

The symposiums will be for a little more than 2-half days because not all project PIs are present on one day and also we can have sufficient time to discuss.

It would be great if the young scientists, who are working on the project and will be presenting the poster with you on the day-of-review, attend these symposiums.

On 2nd February (09:00-14:00): Projects A01, A03, A04, A08, B01, B02, B07, B08, B11, S02 will present

On 3rd February (13:00-18:00): Projects A06, A07, A09, A10, B04, B06, B09, S03N and Z02N-INF will present

More information will be provided via the SFB 1158 mailing list.


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