Groupleader Positions:

Application material:

Interested candidates should submit their application to a specified project including CV, 2 references, and a mission statement explaining how the conceptual and methodological background of the applicant matches the specified project.

How to apply:

Please send the application material to  mentioning the Job ID of the particular position.


Fully-funded group leader position as per German regulations (TVL-14)

Contract length:

5 years 


Spinal cord plasticity and repair

Job ID: SFB1158groupleader_NW

Project leader: Prof. Norbert Weidner


Application Deadline:

31 December 2015

Start of the project:

at the earliest

Project description:

The main aim is to investigate mechanisms underlying plasticity after spinal cord injury and to develop strategies to modulate such changes in order to promote functional recovery and ameliorate related medical conditions such as neuropathic pain and spasticity. We offer a highly interdisciplinary research environment with clinicians as well as preclinically and clinically oriented scientists in an institution, which is dedicated to improve quality of life in individuals suffering from spinal cord injury.   

Own key publications :  

  • Sandner et al Stem Cell Res, 2013.
  • Hou et al. J Neurosci, 2013.
  • Sandner et al Cell Transplant 2015.    

Key words for methods that will be used:

Rodent surgery and behavioral testing, cell & molecular biology, in vitro & in vivo imaging  

Desired profile of an applicant:

Applicants for the group leader position should have completed internationally recognized post-doctoral research, preferably with a track record in preclinical spinal cord research, and are expected to apply for outside funding. The ability and willingness to communicate and collaborate effectively in an interdisciplinary environment are essential. Substantial support in respect to personnel, consumables and equipment resources will be provided.  


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