David Baumeister (david.baumeister(at)

Ainhoa Bilbao (ainhoa.bilbao(at)

Anna Maria Borruto (AnnaMaria.Borruto(at)

Drago Dragovic (MD student) (drago.97(at)

Tabea Kohlund (tabea.kohlund(at)

Victoria Lucas (Physician scientist) (Victoria.lucas(at)

Malika Renz (PhD student) (Malika.Renz(at)

Carina Sebald (MD student) (carina.sebald(at)

Francesca Zidda (Postdoc) (francesca.zidda(at)




  • Webinar, "Multiomics Single Cell Analysis and Spatial Gene Expression Analysis of Intact Tissues"

    Register now for this webinar on February 17, 2021


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  • Gender and Science Meet 2021 (virtual)

     (Registration is now closed)


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  • New research findings from the Grinevich Lab (Project B02)

    (New paper published in Nature Neuroscience)


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  • New discovery in the pathophysiology of diabetic neuropathy

    (New paper published in Neuron)


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  • Gender equality in science and career development

    Supporting the work of the ALBA Network


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